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Want to be a doctor? Environmentalist? Biologist? Or want to use your skill in science to prepare the next generation?

A biology degree from TWU provides students with a broad training in the fundamentals of the life sciences. Students take courses that allow them to understand the structure, function, growth, distribution and evolution of both living and extinct organisms.


Program Description

Through small class sizes, in-depth study, and field study, students will explore the cell as the basic unit of life, genes as the basis of inheritance, and evolution as the driving force for the creation of new species.


The study of biology at Tennessee Wesleyan involves work at all levels of the field, from DNA to ecosystems. This major will allow students to engage in hands-on lab and field experiences in order to understand the living world with a critical eye and scientific perspective.



Students working toward their degree in biology have multiple options beyond their foundational biology curriculum.



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Principles of Genetics

A study of the physical and chemical basis of heredity; the structure and function of the gene; the patterns of heredity in the individual and the population; and the kinds and sources of hereditary variation.

Evolutionary Biology

An introduction to the processes of evolution. Topics include: population genetics, speciation, the origin of life, systematics, paleontology, history of life, and the origins of man.


An introduction to the study of the anatomy, physiology, phylogeny, and evolutionary and ecological relationships of animal-like protistans and representatives of the major animal phyla.